Latest Multi Dome Models

Note: All Multi Domes have a fully enclosed roof.    Pictures above are open to display the internal view of the Multi Dome.

The Cobalt Multi Dome has a 6 metre diameter with a total area of 29.2 square metres.

The standard height of our Multi Dome is 3.7 metres high - this height can comfortably support a mezzanine level if required bringing the Multi Dome to approximately 50.0 square metres of living space.

Each Multi Dome is fully self contained or can be linked together to other Multi Domes to form larger structures.


Additional components such as windows, lattice windows and doors can be added onto the Multi Dome to suit your specific site purposes.


TUI Multi Dome models starting from just 19,900 NZD.


The Cobalt Multi Dome is easily assembled and disassembled without heavy equipment providing ultimate flexibility and ease of transportation. Even the most remote areas in New Zealand can now become home to a Multi Dome.  


All Cobalt Multi Dome models come flat packed and are complete with the necessary accessories for you to assemble them. A complete Multi Dome will take 3 people approximately 4 hours to assemble on site with basic tools.