Multi Dome Silicon Join
Multi Dome Silicon Join

Cobalt Multi Domes are designed to be easily transported and assembled. 

All Multi Dome panels are pre-drilled and threaded for ease of construction. Panels are attached to each other with rustproof nylon zytel nuts, bolts and watertight gaskets. Each panel weighs between 20 - 30 kilograms depending on it's function in the Multi Dome.



The Multi Dome is self-supporting without a flooring system or foundation. The dome can sit free-standing on flat ground assisted by anchoring posts. For short term use, soft marine vinyl flooring is recommended.

For long term use, a wooden deck or concrete flooring system is recommended. The domes are anchored down with dynabolts to a foundation such as an existing hard surface, concrete slab, timber deck or flat platform. If required, internal flooring can then be added.

If you are not using a pre-built flooring system such as a wooden deck or concrete slab, choose as level a location

as possible and remove all debris. 


We do not recommend erecting the Multi dome on a surface with more than a 10 degree slope or grade without a foundation.


For permanent Multi Dome structures we recommend insulating the fiberglass paneling internally. This will maximise energy savings for customers.  Additionally, silicon sealant can be applied to the panels where they overlap internally and externally. All Multi Dome models do not include internal insulation or accessories. 



The assembly of the Multi Dome requires one 11/16" combination wrench and one standard slotted screwdriver. 

A minimum six foot high step ladder is also required in the assembly process.


In your assembly manual you will find the power drill and accessories additionally recommended by Cobalt International, which will make the assembly and disassembly of the Multi Dome even quicker.