Can I rent a Multi Dome for an event ?

Yes, we recognise many of our customers want to make a big statement at their next public event with a Multi Dome. We offer a series of Multi Domes available for rental and exhibition purposes. 

How easy is it to set up a Multi Dome ?

A standard Tui Multi Dome can be assembled or disassembled by three people within four hours with basic tools. 

Our setup instruction manual is colour coded for ease of use by anyone. Training is not necessary.




What colours are Multi Domes available in ?

Our models are available in many different colours. Additionally Multi Domes can be painted any colour or with any design.

How strong are the Multi Dome panels ?

Multi Dome panels are light weight and flexible until they are assembled together. Once assembled they become very strong. Each Multi Dome panel weighs between 20 - 30 kgs depending on its function in the Multi Dome structure.

Can I add a sky light to my Multi Dome ?

Yes you can. We can fit your top Multi Dome panel with a transparent sky light if you desire.

The size and material of domes make them easy to modify. 

How do I look after my Multi Dome ?

An occasional external washing with soapy water or a water-blasting will keep your Multi Dome in pristine condition.

How durable is the Multi Dome ?

Multi Domes are water proof, rust proof and wind proof. The Multi Dome is designed on the strongest natural structure.

The durability of fiberglass ensures that the domes can withstand long term extreme weather conditions. Few domes if any have reached their shelf life to test their age limit however they are expected to last approx 50 years. Panel damage can be easily fixed and repaired and individual replacement panels can be sourced if required.

Can I join Multi Domes together to make a larger space ?

Of course. Each Multi Dome has five connection points that can be utilised to create larger connected areas. You can see linked Multi Domes in our gallery. For some internal layout ideas, click here for some inspiration. Additionally you can build a mezzanine floor and increase your floor space from 30 sq. metres to 50 sq. metres. 

What happens in an earthquake ?

The Multi Domes circular shape is the strongest natural design in the event of an earthquake. It is an ideal shape to distribute force evenly across the structure unlike traditional square buildings.

Shouldn't I buy a container instead ?

No, their are a number of specific reasons why the Multi Dome is the best choice for you. If you have any doubts click here.

I'm lost and was looking for other products from Cobalt International.

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Where can I put up my Multi Dome ?

As with all buildings in New Zealand, approval must be first sought through local councils in compliance with the building code. Click here for some helpful links.

Are Multi Domes warm in winter ?

The unique Multi Dome shape allows air to flow and circulate around the room achieving a constant temperature.

Unlike traditional rooms, the Multi Dome contains no dead air spaces in corners. The result of the circular design means less heating in winter and less cooling in summer. 

Just like other shelters and houses, heating can also be provided by a number of systems ranging from electric to gas to combustion wood heaters which can be flued through a hole in the roof panel. The size and circular nature of domes make them easy and highly efficient to heat. A hole can be cut into the panel to fit the flue system. This can also work for ventilation systems or skylights.

Should we insulate our Multi Dome ?

For permanent Multi Domes we recommend internal insulation such as pink batts. For Multi Domes that will be regularly moved such as exhibition spaces, internal heating from a heater is more appropriate. 

In short - it comes down to the location, climate, the application, budget, shading and other variables. Where required, insulation can be added in a number of ways. Firstly, various polyurethane foam insulation products are available. The foam can be applied on the outside or inside of the dome.

Do Multi Domes come insulated ?

No, your purchase of a Multi Dome is for the shell of the structure (panels and components). Internal insulation and fittings are at the customers discretion.


Can we move an assembled Multi Dome easily ?

Although Multi Domes can be assembled and disassembled within 4 hours, it is possible to transfer them fully assembled on a flat pack truck. 

Can we move an assembled Multi Dome by air ?

Yes. Multi Domes can be lifted and transported by a helicopter. They are an ideal rapid response to emergency housing needs where roads may be closed due to flooding or earthquakes. 

Where should permanent Multi Domes be erected? 

We recommend placing permanent Multi Domes on a flat concrete or wooden base. Click here for further information.

I love it, can I be a distributor ?

Cobalt International maintains partners throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands who are authorised distributors. If your company is interested in becoming an authorised distributor click here.

I live in the Pacific Islands - how can I order a Multi Dome ?

We ship Multi Domes every month to the Pacific Islands from New Zealand.

Click here and we  will assist you through our authorised distributors for the Pacific Islands.